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Hunting for a place that has Wood for Sale?

Firewood? Braai wood? Namibian Hardwoods?

Wanting to top up your Fireplace stash or Braai area? Looking to buy bulk firewood delivered to your door? Need someone to Carry and Stack it all for you? Live in or around the Cape Town region? Searching for a specific wood type, or, a mix of multiple types? Looking to pay for your Firewood via a specific method? Scouting for a decent Firewood supplier that makes life easy? Well then... look no further!

Wood Monkeys SA is the industry favorite for all Fire and Braai woods delivered to your door. Founded back in 2015, we are well known within the industry, amongst much of the Braai community and have gained loads of popularity online as well as via word of mouth. Our name is mentioned abroad, in Namibia and within our very own Borders. From one area to another. One town to the next. When customers think Firewood, Wood Monkeys is usually one of the first names that come to mind, because we love what we do and have lived up to most customer's expectations. Always looking to improve and grow. Forever doing our utmost where quality and service are concerned. We care about people, and, knowing that we play a role in you enjoying regular Braai's or the thought that we are responsible for keeping your home and family warm in the colder months, gives us a strong sense of meaning and pushes us to be the best we possibly can be. Bringing value is what we are all about!

Our family-based business has accumulated thousands of customers since arriving on the scene a few years back and is now proud to be a household brand that folks rely on and trust. Our online shop has been reaching areas both near and far and we've invested everything we've got to cater to the residential market (and continue to do so daily)! We make things so much more convenient. We honestly take the hassle out of stocking up. It has never been easier. Simply a few clicks away from your next batch! Using your Smartphone or Computer from just about anywhere to order! 

Not only were we one of the first Bulk Online Firewood stores to launch online, we also have access to a huge network of farms, distributors and various other supply chains across the peninsula. Our track record honesty speaks for itself. So whether you are in the market for some Local or Namibian woods, then you are definitely in the right place. 

We offer a range of, Kameeldoring , Sekelbos , Rooikrans and many others like Black Wattle, Blue Gum, Wingerd Stompe, Myrtle, etc. You have to take a peek for yourself! We even have all the goodies you need to get your fires going. Plus... we offer special combo deals compiled and distributed by us alone. We love mixing up woods to achieve the best possible performance. A little bit of this plus a little bit of that usually does the trick! Especially when combining Local and Namibian woods. What a pleasure! Many customers swear by our woods and love the big variety of offers available to choose from. Whether its a few kinds of wood mixed, a specific sized deal or quantity. We offer it all!

Go on, give us a Try! Toks van der Linde, Emo Adams and thousands of other customers can't be wrong! We have been around for a while and do not plan on going anywhere soon. With your support, the future holds great things in store! You'll never be hunting for wood again. Take a minute to get your personal stash where it should be! Shop online, visit www.wood-monkeys.co.za 

We are here for you! For assistance, simply pop us an email to sales@wood-monkeys.co.za , leave us a message via our online chat system or alternatively Whatsapp us on +27 60 509 8614. We look forward to working with you!

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